Indoor Up-lighting 


Our services include emcee services, music (background or dance), lighting and assistance with party/event activities.

Emcee Services
Many DJ's shy away from microphones and only play music, while others seem to believe they are hosting a talk-a-thon.  We discuss all emcee requests way before the event and respect them in a manner which will keep your event fun and professional.  We are bilingual (English and Spanish) and have over 10 years experience of interaction and speaking with event guests via microphone and a personal level.

Choosing a DJ for any event should be done carefully.  Price shopping is a great idea when buying groceries, shoes, and other minor items.  Choosing a DJ should be done the same way as when choosing a venue.  First, what is your budget?  Second, what are your needs (i.e. dinner music, up lighting, dance music, bilingual emcee)?  What is the event worth to you and what is the outcome you're trying to accomplish?  Our rates are very reasonable and every event is custom built.  All of our equipment is professional grade and always inspected before each event.  Why hire a DJ who charges $25 an hour?  You get what you pay for. 

Lighting/Ambience Effects
We always host events with updated lighting equipment that create a fun atmosphere which when combined with the right music, it will make your event one to remember!  We have smart lighting, L.E.D. lighting, moving head lighting and up lighting and lasers.  We are also equipped with fog machines and gobo lighting.  All lighting is carefully set up at every event to transform any venue into the ideal atmosphere.  Our goal is to leave a positive impression and smile on each of your guest's face.

Client Exclusive Web-based Event Planner

We also provide an online event planning tools section.  This is a
convenient web-based planning system which allows you to make selections for your event and provides you with ideas as well.  This is included with any event at no additional charge.

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, we'll illuminate it with our beautiful assortment of state of the art lighting!

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Outdoor Up-lighting